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Tablet Blister Packaging Machine

150 Strokes/min - 210 mm


Tablet Blister Packaging Machine - 150 Strokes/min - 210 mm

Tablet Blister Packaging Machine is an automatic machine mainly utilised for packing of smaller and regular shaped solid articles such as pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, dragees etc., in blister packs. The Blister Forming, Product Feeding and Sealing operations are continuous by rotary motion while the indexing and punching operations are of intermittent reciprocating motion. The output capacity of the machine depends on the product characteristics and thus on the type of feeding device. In a case of slightly curved or flat tablets up to 10mm dia, an output of 150 packs per minute or 300 packs per minute can be optimally achieved. The packing materials namely PVC film and the lidding material namely Aluminium foil (or Glassine Paper foil) with heat sealable VMCH lacquer are required for blister packing and are drawn off from real stock. The blister packs which are punched out from the main web can either be collected in bins or transferred over a conveyor belt for further handling. The trim waste is sheared off in small pieces to allow easy disposal.

Efficiency: Tablet Blister Packaging Machine has competence and experience in package design ensures optimum utilisation of machine capacity to give the highest possible output as well as minimum possible packaging material consumption. Performance: The Machine is designed in simplicity with careful placement of various stations giving operator full vision and total control of all principal functions that enhance performance. Reliability: Solid Structure and sturdy components together with easy to set up and maintain mechanism ensure maximum availability. Quick and change over from one format to another improves productivity to satisfy market requirements. Flexibility: The Machine can handle the wide range of forming and lidding materials can be equipped with various types of feeding systems to handle most types and shapes of pharmaceutical tablets/hard or soft capsules/pills in any presentation.

(TABLES) Max. Web Width 210 mm Max. Forming depth 10 mm Max. output: Packs/Min 250 (2 UP), 350 (3 UP) Max. Strokes/Min 150 Net weight kg. 1700 Gross weight kg. 2400 Case dimensions 3430 x 1400 x 1930(H)

S Ceramic Industries Chemical Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Petro-Chemical Industry Fertilizer Industries Food Processing Industries

We are a leading manufacturer of Tablet Blister Packaging Machine from Hyderabad with supply and distribution network all across India. Our optimized and quality controlled manufacturing process leading to very competitive pricing and top class quality.

Capacity 150 Strokes/min
Thickness 210 mm
Available Warranty as per E-Platform India
days 100% Original Product
days 100% BUYER Protection

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