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Power Tiller - Electric Start (No Battery)

6 HP -


Power Tiller - Electric Start (No Battery) - 6 HP

A power tiller is basically a set of blades (called tines) that are mounted within a wheeled housing and are powered by either a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Each tine consists of four blades curving in alternately opposing directions. Blades one and three are curved pointing in toward the tiller; blades two and four are curved pointing away from the tiller. The inward-pointing tines keep the clods of soil and grass from accumulating on the blades, while the outward-pointing tines are the heavy cutters. They all work in conjunction with one another to dig into the soil aggressively, all the while moving soil away from the tines to avoid clogging them.

Reverse gearbox: Improves manoeuvrability and control. Counterweight: For safe and sturdy operation. The counterweight increases weight on the wheels and improves balance. Power Forward and Reverse: One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, manoeuvrability and transport. Counter-rotating tines: Tines rotate counter-clockwise for deep-soil penetration and better garden bed preparation. Agricultural Tires: Heavy treads provide better grip in cultivated and muddy soil.

(TABLES) Engine 9 HP Diesel Tyre Size 400*8 OR 500*12. Rotavator From 30-54 inches... Attachments Ridger, Plough, Paddy Wheel, Potato digger etc. can be easily connected.

S Agro-Industry

We are a leading manufacturer of Power Tiller - Electric Start (No Battery) from Hyderabad with supply and distribution network all across India. Our optimized and quality controlled manufacturing process leading to very competitive pricing and top class quality.

Height None
Power 6 HP
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