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Powder Mixer Machine

250 Kg - 570 lit


Powder Mixer Machine - 250 Kg - 570 lit

Powder Mixer Machine designed for efficient and homogeneous mixing of dry and wet powders. Newly designed stuffing box prevents contamination. Sliding type covers with protective grill and safety devices are provided. Trough tilts forward for a discharge of materials either manually or by motorised arrangement.

Capacity: The volumetric capacity of the vessel is ample enough to mix the light density powders also. Blades: Manesty type paddle blades with suitable scrappers fabricated out of Stainless Steel plate are welded to Stainless Steel shaft. The Mixer Powder blades are designed in such a way so as to give the perfect and homogenous mix. The blades will rotate at 30 rpm. Cover: Grill type sliding cover is provided for the mixer. The lid could slide in order to observe the mixing process while the machine is working. The Mixer Powder cover is fabricated from Stainless Steel sheets, rods and as such, all the parts coming into contact with the powders are of Stainless Steel. Safety device: Limit switch is provided to afford all possible safety. The function of this limit switch is that as soon as the cover is lifted the running blades stop automatically. Discharge: Our standard machines have discharge arrangements by manual tilting of the trough for which a gear mechanism with handle is provided on the side of the machine. Motorised tilting arrangement or bottom discharge arrangement can be incorporated on request. Base: The mixer is mounted on a stainless steel framework fabricated out of channel and sheets strong enough to withstand complete load and give vibration free services. There is a provision of foundation bolts but because the unit sturdy no extra foundation is necessary.

(TABLES) Approx. Working Capacity 50 kg. Over flow Volume 125 liters Drive Motor Power 2.2 kw

S Ceramic Industries Chemical Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Petro-Chemical Industry Fertilizer Industries Food Processing Industries

We are a leading manufacturer of Powder Mixer Machine from Hyderabad with supply and distribution network all across India. Our optimized and quality controlled manufacturing process leading to very competitive pricing and top class quality.

Capacity 250 Kg
Volume 570 lit
Available Warranty as per E-Platform India
days 100% Original Product
days 100% BUYER Protection

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